Health is more than the absence of aches and pains!! 

We are responsible for our health  (and sometimes for our loved ones!)

Let's work together for the life and health we desire and deserve!

I am Dr Marius Hossu. I am a Biophysicist, Medical Doctor, and Doctor of Chiropractic and these pages are my opinions on health and healing. I passionately searched and researched most of the complementary and alternative therapies I was exposed in my native country - Romania and in my adopted country - United States and I decided to use the best of both.

In my own quest for health and wellbeing I've been testing and using on myself many procedures that you will read about in
the next pages. I ended up using only traditional, natural and holistic procedures I find to be sound, useful, and effective. I also modified them and I created my own procedures. It started by taking care of aches, pains and inflammation and then of the spine and brain where the control of most functions came from. It then evolved to find ways of doing it gentle, without force, and more efficient. And then to adapt some of them for special cases liker athletes to increase their accuracy and reactions, children to improve their learning capacities, people who want to burn fat more efficiently, or couples to get a more harmonious live.

This site also talks about healing procedures I tried and I found to be valuable and I suggest to be part of our lifestyle. 
I think we all should be able to live in health and harmony 100 years or more, to recognize, teach and play with our grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and to have the health, the mind sharpness, and stamina to enjoy life till that age. 

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I firmly believe that Healing and Science, Traditional and Modern does not need to be antagonistic.  What we need is to value Life and Health and to strive to improve them in harmony with the world that we live in and with its Laws. 

All information on this website reflects my personal opinions and are just that: opinions. If you need a specif
ic health advice please contact me or a health care provider of your choice. 

Be blessed, stay safe, get informed, and strive for a vibrant health!

              Dr Marius 

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