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Physical health means material harmony in structure and composition.

Our body, made out of cells, molecules and atoms, needs physical support and healing. Its basic components are replaced continuously! That is why we need to eat and, if we live in an industrial world, to take some supplements.
Some substances are essential for life:
 *parts of proteins (called essential amino acids),
 *some fats/oils (called essential fatty acids - EFA)
 *and a lot of vitamins (A, Bs, C, D, E, F, K, etc).
We need them ALL. Initially, we got them through our food, when it was plentiful, organic, and balanced. However, in time, due to intensive agriculture, pollution, chemical enhancers, etc and with the increasing demands of a more intense life what we get from food is enough or it's "fake" or too "weak".  Yes, our food is plentiful to keep us functioning but not balanced and rich in what's needed to strive or to heal easier if something happens. That is why I think that now we actually use more treatments than in the past. So grandma's advice to 'eat your veggies' it's still good but not enough. We need to incorporate diets, supplements, and fasting. And change them and adapt them to seasons, life style, and particular demands. 
There is a short list of companies with good supplements on the [Useful Resources] page and some suggestions to replace what I think is harmful in our life,

On the other hand body has a structure that need to be best adapted to its function. If not, it will gradually deteriorate. Physical activity, traditional chiropractic and osteopathic procedures, massage will help with aligning body’s structure at its best. Not doing it is as you drive with wheels out of alignment. You can still drive but not at your best, the tires wear off faster, and you may damage some suspension and transmission components - so long term costs will be higher.
So here is the short recipe:
 *exercise for at least 30 continuous minutes at least twice per week
 *swimming, biking, and running burns the most unwanted calories
 *have your spine realigned (chiropractic or osteopathic) at least once a month
 *a good massage is always welcome