these are just short notes from my big course about energy

There is NO structure in this world without energy. Bioenergy is just the energy of living organisms, related to what keeps us alive.

Doing just material treatments (like taking drugs or supplements) we let all the other types of energies to feed the system. This may be OK to survive but not enough to get healthy. 

Energy is the power that distributes, moves and controls the substances. Without it no food can enter cells, no toxins can get out, no senses can tell us what is happening around us. Energy is motion too. Without it the blood doesn't flow and the limbs do't move. keep one (healthy) arm in a cast for a time. It won't get healthier and stronger but it will become weaker and degenerate!

Energy can be stored. Physically or chemically. However we also use it continuously. Like the energy in the battery of the hybrid car. It's used to move the car but is also recharged during movement. The secret is to know when to charge and when to use it - the balance and combination of these two processes.

We take our energy for granted! The most common source of energy for us is Oxygen. With out it we won't survive more than few minutes! So get it properly. Do breathing exercises. 

Motion, heat, electricity, magnetism, gravity, light, sound, vibrations, etc are all forms of energy. We need them all and we (can) use them ALL.

There is an old idea that once the energy is released it may not matter where it came from. I think the opposite: for living systems it matters. That is why a bioenergetic treatment is better for long term. That is why (in most cases) a treatment done by or in the presence of a therapist is better than one done by a machine or an instrument.

Adding properly designed energy treatments to supplements through vibrations, laser, acupuncture, chiropractic, Reiky, etc improves their efficiency. It's like getting a stronger working crew to repair your house. 

Our senses (sight, hear, touch, position) that are designed to perceive and describe energies around us are the most developed ones. Chemical describing senses (taste and smell) are less developed. 

Energy can be tuned to a specific process - like tuning a radio to a certain radio station's wavelength. The process is call resonance. I do a procedure that matches the frequencies of therapeutic vibrations to your particular body properties. This way you get the correct energy to heal faster.

Gravity has it's own energy that we are "bathed" in all the time. Controlling and fine tuning our posture, position and motions will actually save energy that will be used for other functions.

Enclosed places, including our houses, offices, cars, schools, churches, etc redirect energies back to us. Balancing those energies it's another detail that creates a difference in decaying/destroying/getting sick versus growing/healing/getting energized. 

The ultimate sources of energy are SUN  and EARTH. Take care of them