Spiritual healing is in fact spiritual evolution. Most of the time it happens after all basic needs of matter and energy are somewhat fulfilled or we are in a “crises”. It’s not something that it can be easily explained or taught. However, I will share with you some of the lessons I learned and some of my experiences. I can also confirm that if we are not addressing our spiritual health we are bound to have an incomplete and unfulfilled life, and a gradually declining health.

First step is to accept that there is a spirit and a spiritual world that is commonly related to phenomena like enlightenment, peace, joy, and love. Direct experiences are always what matters. Testimonies of others who may even be considered enlightened or saints are valuable guides but they are not a replacement for our own effort.

 Second step is to be ready for spiritual experiences. It requires that our own bodies, energies, and mind to be ready and healthy enough to resonate with spiritual realm. Here are included the routines of how we eat, drink, sleep, detoxify, and exercise our body and mind. I would also add natural treatments and procedures we do, including chiropractic, acupuncture, Reiki, massage, Tai Chi, yoga, etc.  All of these need to be done regularly and with ease so they won’t interfere with the sensitive aspects of spirituality.

The third step is to start quieting the noise that comes from the body processes and from the mind. That is why the previous step is important because if the joints, intestines, heart, lungs, muscles, etc  are screaming in discomfort or even worse, in pain we won’t be able to have a good “connection”. Practices like meditation, focused attention (concentration) on one subject, controlled breathing, praying, relaxation in a natural comforting and healing place it’s what it’s usually done in this step. It may be on a beach, in a meadow, in a church, or even a sunset in the backyard. Let all mundane aspects of daily life lessen and open yourself to the “other side”

An important aspect is to find spiritual support. For some people it may be someone they call a master. It might be a teacher, a monk, a spiritual being, an angel, even God.  Have an outside reference, stable, kind, healthy, so you can anchor your experiences and validate the truth. You do not need to reinvent the wheel. Remember though, it’s for support and guidance not to do the work in your place.

Then start by asking the fundamental questions: Who am I? Where I Came from? Where am I going? Search, look, listen for answers. From the inside and from the outside.  Put your judgment in pause mode and just acknowledge what the answers are at that particular moment. How they can explain the present you. My advice is never take an answer as absolute. It might be a little in opposition with previous advice but accept that nobody has the entire truth. All are just different point of views. Ask those questions periodically and live by the answers you receive. Once you are on the part, follow the signs. Everything may be a sign, a test, a challenge, an answer. Healing will imply addressing the effects of the past and the wisdom to learn from them.

Finally, one last thought: there is a fundamental law of the Universe that said that if we do nothing, everything degrades and decays. When you have recognized that we are all part of that and there is no action and inaction without consequences, healing and evolving spiritually is to oppose it. For some people is kindness, for some is love, for other is peace, for other is joy, for others is wisdom. Create and spread them and you will also found spiritual essence of your life.   

If you want to learn from other’s experience here are mine 1 & 2.