Spiritual healing is not something I can easily explain but I will give you some of my experiences. However, I can tell you that if you are not addressing your spiritual health (enlightenment) you are bound to come back on Earth and try it again, and again, and again,... But to be ready for spiritual experiences your body, your energies, and your mind have to be ready and healthy enough to resonate with them

 Vision and Healing Light

I am used with guidance and information from Above and constant meditation and praying are part of my daily life. However, a personal connections with anything else than the Universe and the Creator was rare. As Christians we suppose to celebrate and to prepare for certain events, although except for church services and fasting (which is misleading for its scope) we were not taught exactly what to do. Although some churches had vespers every night, that was not the case here.  In most cases praying only is not enough anyhow because it doesn’t let one to listen to the message or the answer one expects. Fasting also is not enough because the body is more than chemical composition of the flesh that needs attention.

 So, for the Feast of Assumption/Dormition of Mother Mary of the year of 2015 I did prepare. I did my physical and chiropractic treatments and my type of fasting and I did pray and meditate. Attached is the Icon I used from St Mary's Romanian Orthodox Church in Colleyville. More about why Icons are special in mediation below.
For now, remember that doing just some of the above is rarely enough in our days. All were important since the system (i.e. mind-body-soul-energy) is only as strong and good as its weakest link.

 During one meditation She came gently and warmly, like a true Mother. She lifted me up and show me the true Light that shines in and from us. It was not the aura (which it was there too) but a truly shining star. And I saw how the entire world in front of me was filled with stars lightning each other. Some “stars” were brighter than others but all were similar. The light didn't seem to radiate much outside the bodies in rays but it was more like a presence, like an energy field that extended and permeated everything around. And I felt that at that level we were all brothers and sisters.

 Mother Mary’s presence was not a star (!!!), nor it was like the God’s Guiding Light, but it was more of a background Light, like a concentration of that all-permeating field of energy that nurtured and protected us.

 So from now on I know that not only God is with and within all of us but also is our loving and supporting Mother. I use to think it was Mother Earth that many are talking about but it was not. Earth energy is also supporting but it is more grounding and impersonal. The same way we have our birth mother's DNA in us we also have our Mother's light too. If She is Virgin Marry or is the the essence of Motherhood and the Light of all mothers, it's a thechnical detail that for me is not relevant. Maybe is all of that and even more. For those of you speaking Romanian the word "Maica" is the best to address her. We just have to be open to Her, ask for Her help, listen and watch for Her guidance, and work with Her into translating the help we asked for into this world. She (and God for that matter) won't do it "alone" but it will be done through us, and through others around us, if we are prepared (healthy) to resonate with it.

Healing through Icons - a personal point of view

When I was first exposed to Byzantine Icons I was left with a strange feeling of inner search. Why the iconographer used such strong colors, such regular forms, such simple and symbolic representation of religious figures? Even though I understood that the Icons were meant to emphasize the holiness of the scene rather than its humanity I was still a little disappointed by the lack of “human beauty’ when compared with western paintings of the same scenes.  I learned then about the efforts of the iconographers to keep the Tradition, to create Icons as connections between our limited experience that needs symbols and simplicity to be able to ascend to limitless of the World. And then I learned about the many wondermaking icons, most of them related to healing and fulfillment of the petition of the believers. Without questioning the sacred aspect of painting, but still being a physicist and a physician I was still wandering how and why this “worked” for certain persons and not for others and what was the human way of receiving and transducing God’s blessing. 

   Now fast forward to recent days, when during my learning and treating hours I embraced the opinion that the healing is not only in the body but also in the heart and in the mind. That is why during our treatments, I’m trying to explain to my patients that if your mind doesn’t communicate with your heart and your body the right way, the healing is slowed down or even stopped until that harmonic communication is restored. Some of the patients might recall me telling them that their mind doesn’t control the healing well and we need to help it by harmonizing its emotional and logical part. For that I have them free their mind from interferences using certain breathing procedures and eye movements and then thinking at specific emotional and logical-numerical facts. Most of the times the process needed to be repeated several times until the harmony and coherence of the mind – body was restored. 


   In certain cases I had to alter the procedures to use more general and symbolic stimuli for emotions and logic and so I ended up using colors and shapes. And then I was thinking how this can be put together – colors and shapes, shapes and colors to represent harmony and healing, and through another faith and consciousness leap, the answer came: icons. Icons have both. You just have to be open and find the one that “speaks” to you "louder" than any one else. The person who help me realize these and whom I will be forever grateful is the very same person who is the author of the icons I invite you to see at www.icontip.com: the Romanian iconographer Titiana Popa.


   Now I know:  when you pray in front of a certain Icon, and you are in that state of openness to God that praying enlightens into you, your heart and your mind are certainly open to the harmony that the praying, the symbols, the shapes and colors can bring into you, and thus, with god blessing not only healing can come but a miracle too. Now I know that for each and every one of you there is an Icon that will bring harmony and it will channel God’s grace through you. Your very own miracle. You just need to look for it. 

Start by visiting www.icontip.com or the St Mary Romanian Church in Colleyville, enjoy the spirituality, the simplicity, and the symbolism of Orthodox Christianity and look for an Icon for yourself, not only with your eyes but also with your mind and with your heart. If you happened to feel different in certain parts of the church is not a coincidence. There are some special places there. Let me know if you want me to you about them.